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IGL Labor GmbH

Your specialist for complementary and cell-based laboratory diagnostics

Founded in 2009, IGL Labor GmbH is a medical laboratory in predictive toxicology and epigenetics. We are the only and leading specialist worldwide in a network of so-called toxicological and epigenetic practices in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the USA , Egypt, Israel and Hong Kong.

Despite these global dimensions, we are a small but very fine laboratory that deals with predictive toxicological and resulting epigenetic questions and also raises and processes own research questions. For example in the not yet sufficiently clarified question of the biochemical basis of the body's own detoxification and of the DNA adducts.

In a health-oriented society, we think it’s catastrophic to get in contact with such numerous, toxicologically questionable substances nobody knew about 15 years ago but now even more. While it was allergies two decades ago, today we are confronted with an extremely large number of cancer cases, autoimmune diseases and intoxications, although our environmental awareness has apparently increased.

We are convinced that these diseases are due to epigenetic factors. In medicine alone, the toxicology and the epigenetic causes of the above-mentioned diseases have not yet arrived at all. We want to change that with you!
In this respect, we turn our skills and actions to you as environmental medicine specialists in medical practice!


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With a wide range of epigenetic laboratory analyzes, we find the basis for your therapy.


Medicine & Environment

Public moving diseases get in the focus more increasingly, as for example cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, which cannot be explained genetically alone.


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