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IGL laboratory participates in plastic experiment

With its expertise, IGL Laboratory accompanied the German TV report (RTL) "Das Jenke-Experiment" with Jenke von Wilmsdorff in autumn 2019, in which the influences of the plastic craze were reported - also on the human body. The experiment with the subtitle "The plastic in me: How the rubbish makes us sick" showed the consequences of increased plastic consumption.

In a self-experiment, Jenke von Wilmsdorff indulged in plastic, microplastics and plasticisers for a month. He consumed more food from plastic packaging, water from plastic bottles and even had himself wrapped in plastic foil. The consequences for the human body were proven by measurement results from IGL Laboratory.

Stefan Georgios Moellhausen, head of IGL Laboratory, warned in advance: "We don't know what this is doing to your body now. Whether it can trigger hormonal changes or inflammatory processes. All these risks are known. You are taking the risk now that you will have health problems.". The toxins are still suspected of causing diabetes and cancer.

And the increased contact with plastic left clear traces on Jenke von Wilmsdorff: IGL Laboratory detected a 200-fold increase in Wilmsdorff's urine and a 400-fold increase in his blood of a plasticiser.

IGL Laboratory was happy to accompany „Jenke-Experiment" and was able to give a small insight into the possibilities offered by the analyses of IGL Laboratory.

TV NOW offers a stream (possibly with costs) of the episode "The plastic in me: How the rubbish makes us sick" of the Jenke-Experiment in German. If you are interested, you can find the link to this episode here.

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