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We are the first and only epigenetics laboratory in the world to have built and established an innovative, viable and commercial range of services in the field of medical epigenetics. 
The IGL laboratory is a biochemical laboratory that focuses on the niche of research and epigenetics. We not only analyse mineral balance, toxic metals, toxic metabolites and hormones, but also offer a wide range of specialised profiles whose assessment uniquely represents the impact of 21st century diseases.

Our team addresses the pressing issues of clinical chemistry analysis, environmental medicine, epigenetics assessment and research, and nutritional aberrations and their physical effects.
The demand for high quality analysis is also documented by the numerous split samples in the USA and UK. We place an extremely high value on personal contact with our senders, especially the doctors' practices. It is not without reason that we maintain personal, sometimes even friendly contact, also through our own in-house seminars.

The numerous cooperations and connections to universities and research institutes create future-proof structures for the IGL laboratory and its staff.