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Sick due to environmental influences - How to proceed correctly

Influences from the environment (e.g. exhaust fumes, noise, stress, toxins, plastics, nutrition) have more and more importance for our everyday life and our health. This can lead to an imbalance in the body and cause diseases. Numerous diseases can be triggered or promoted by environmental influences. These include, for example, cancers, autoimmune diseases, burnout as well as "poisoning" by chemical, physical and biological environmental influences on the organism.

The causes behind a disease are often more profound than initially thought. Pollutants deposited in the blood and especially in the cells, such as silicones, chlorides, microplastics, toxins, metals, dyes or herbicides can have a strong influence on health and thus on well-being. And these are just a few examples of the more than 900 toxins we can test your blood for.

You have not yet found a doctor who could really help you?
Previous examinations have not given you any useful results for a noticeable improvement?
Are you looking for a method to identify the causes of your complaints?

As a biochemical laboratory, the IGL Laboratory specializes in the analysis of blood and cell samples and can provide answers to your questions. We have made it our mission to support physicians in not relying solely and primarily on drug treatment for their patients' problems and diseases. You will find a brief summary of our services on our info sheet.

We examine your blood with the help of special high-quality procedures, e.g. with regard to toxic metals, silicones, toxic metabolic products, fatty acids and biocides. In addition, we offer numerous special examinations in the field of epigenetics, the assessment of which uniquely represents the effects of the diseases of the 21st century. We are convinced that many of these diseases are due to factors that can affect our DNA and thus alter the genetic structure as a whole. This area of science is called epigenetics. We are the first and only laboratory in the world to have developed and established an innovative and practical range of services in the field of medical epigenetics.

With your analysis requests, please contact your doctor or a therapist with a focus on environmental medicine and not our laboratory directly.  There are numerous specialists in environmental medicine who are open to our examinations and can provide you with comprehensive support from the initial discussion, through sample collection, to the discussion of the findings and a therapeutic approach. The commissioning as well as the complete handling of the examination is carried out by a medical doctor without exception. If your chosen physician is not familiar with IGL Laboratory and our services, please refer her or him to our website. The physician is also welcome to contact us directly to discuss the procedure.


From the search for the physician to the discussion of the findings

  • Find a medical professional who is right for you.
  • This person will carry out a needs analysis for you.
  • The medical professional fills out our order form together with you and performs the blood collection.
  • Your medical practice sends the blood sample and order form to IGL Laboratory.
  • After arrival of the sample we carry out the requested analyses.
  • We will prepare the report and send it to your medical practice.
  • Your doctor will discuss the findings with you and advise you on a possible therapy.

"Love for what drives us is the essence of all our striving, our efforts and our duties, for the benefit of health."

Stefan Georgios Moellhausen

You are a medical professional and would like a personal contact?

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