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Fatty Acids

The epigenetic relationship between nutrition and the composition of specific fatty acids for health maintenance has become the focus of general and predictive nutritional considerations in recent years.

The American researcher Dr. Patricia Kane has developed extensive research and explanatory patterns in this field. With our fatty acid profile, which we link to a large clinical-chemical profile, the exact composition of fatty acids - namely of all short- and long-chain fatty acids (C2-C30) and their concentrations - is shown. In doing so, we are breaking new technical and diagnostic ground, coupled with the most modern laboratory technology, not found anywhere else.

An important aspect is that the analysis of fatty acids in the human body has to be measured in the membrane of the erythrocytes, because only here a "long-term picture" of the actual nutritional status can be obtained.

Other laboratories are not able to do this, often only af ew fatty acids are measured and these only in leucocytes. However, these show a daily changing picture of the fatty acid composition and concentration.

Our research approach is to evaluate and extend the results of recent findings on the effects of fatty acids on epigenetic processes and the role of epigenetics in regulating fatty acid metabolism. In particular, this concerns the DNA methylation status of the FAD2 promoter in liver cells, increased fish oil uptake and the transient, reversible methylation of FAD2 induced thereby, as well as the concentration of histone methylation in adipose tissue.

Dietary docosahexaenoic acid supplementation and high-fat diets that alter the DNA methylation status of specific genes in skeletal muscle are also being studied. These studies have shown that polyunsaturated fatty acids in particular alter the epigenome and may also play a role in the development of prostate cancer.

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