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The technique of liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

(HPLC-MS) opens up the prospect of a far more extensive use of highly specific mass spectrometric measurement techniques in clinical-chemical routine analysis than it was possible with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. After the first years of routine application of liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry in a growing number of laboratories, it is becoming apparent that this technique will become an essential part of the range of methods in laboratory medicine. This is mainly due to the very wide analyte spectrum without limitations regarding the molecular mass of the target analytes, the simple sample preparation without derivatization reactions as well as the low-maintenance and robust instrument technology.

We have mastered this technique in the IGL laboratory for a long time and use it mainly in the diagnostics of epigenetics.

Mass spectromy

In the field of clinical epigenetics, mass spectrometry is integrated into our automated workflow. Likewise, mass spectrometry is an irreplaceable analytical method for the elucidation of fatty acid structures and ezymes as well as amino acids. As MS-based laboratory diagnostics in clinical epigenetics become much more complex and time-consuming, new fragmentation techniques and the development of automatable preparation and analysis steps will help to meet the growing demands from research, development and practice.

Gas chromatography

GC/MS meets the (partly legal) requirements for increasingly sensitive and informative methods in clinical analytics. Especially in the screening of proteins, the results of immunological methods are secured and verified with the help of GC/MS.

This concerns in the IGL laboratory among other things:

  • Quantification of DNA adducts
  • Screening amino acids and fatty acid profile in erythrocyte membranes
  • Quantifications of lymphocyte sensitivity tests
  • Quality assurance of split samples

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