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Lab on Chip Technology

Molecular diagnostics and biosensors

Molecular diagnostics comprises the analysis of nucleic acids and proteins to determine an (epigenetically shaped) physical condition or characteristic. Biosensors are arrangements for measuring an analyte, consisting of a biological receptor and detector (signal converter, transducer). The term lab-on-a-chip is more comprehensive and describes a miniaturized arrangement for the automation of complete analytical process chains by micro fluidic integration on a single chip.

The IGL laboratory uses this very modern technology in complex apparatuses where electrochemical and optical measuring principles but also partly piezoelectric, fluorescence and chemiluminescence based biosensors are applied. We use this state-of-the-art technology, especially in the field of DNA adduct measurement and the measurement of intracellular toxins within the framework of the iEC (intracellular electrical capacity) and combine it with capillary electrophoresis.

As a result we obtain an extremely fast, highly accurate and cost-effective image of epigenetic changes. We are currently the only laboratory in epigenetics, clinical diagnostics and epigenetics research with this sophisticated technique.

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