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We are the first and only epigenetics laboratory in the world to have developed and established an innovative, practical and commercial range of services in the field of medical epigenetics.

The special knowledge and own research experience of the specialists working in the IGL laboratory and their know-how enable us to offer an innovative and comprehensive range of services in the fields of clinical epigenetics, laboratory medicine, biochemistry and environmental medicine. From the very beginning, we have focused on the niche of research and epigenetics.

The demand for high quality analytics is also documented by the numerous split samples in the USA and UK. We place an extremely high value on personal contact with our senders, especially the doctors' offices. It is not without reason that we maintain personal, sometimes even friendly contact, also through our own in-house seminars.

In addition to general practitioners, dentists and environmental physicians, the medical senders to our laboratory include laboratories, institutes, hospitals and university clinics in Germany, Europe, England, the United States of America, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Singapore. For medical practices we have become an important partner in medical and therapeutic issues, for universities a competent partner in the evaluation of studies.

In 2009 the Medical Laboratory in Göppingen was founded as "Institute for Holistic Laboratory Diagnostics" by Mr. St.G. Moellhausen and Mr. Ing, J.Stockbauer. Already in the early years of development technically sophisticated methods of amino acid analysis, atomic absorption spectrometry and gas chromatography were established.

Since its foundation, the IGL laboratory has been continuously technically expanded to state-of-the-art lab-on-chip technologies with extremely low chemical and sample usage in the µ-range.

At the end of 2018, we were able to move into our new and ecologically innovative new laboratory building. This is completely constructed as a wooden post and beam building with an extremely low energy consumption.

Eco-air conditioning system, safety equipment, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, state-of-the-art communication and data processing, ecological building materials and paints as well as geothermal technology show our awareness and responsibility for the environment and our next generation.

High-quality laboratory diagnostics on the cutting edge, competent medical advice both in the selection and the interpretation of the laboratory results, as well as an innovative spectrum of analyses in epigenetics, coupled with good service, are today the guarantors of the continuing success of our IGL laboratory.

The numerous cooperations and connections to universities and research institutes create future-proof structures for the IGL laboratory and its employees and their families, thus opening up new perspectives with the resources of a highly successful, independent company operating worldwide.

You are a medical professional and would like a personal contact?

+49 (0) 48 45 - 79 16 40

You can reach us from Monday to Friday - except Wednesday - from 09:00am to 04:00pm

Office hours for telephone analysis of findings:

Tuesdays: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Thursdays: 13:30pm to 15:30pm

Only by appointment!