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Mission statement

Driven by the diseases of the 21st century

The move to the north and the heart of North Friesland has given the laboratory necessary reorientation and highly qualified employees.

The constant advances in medical science, the constant change in health policy and the economic framework as well as the increasing demands in the population for quality and service-oriented care requires a continuous development of our corporate strategy and the associated values and goals.

This mission statement is intended to serve as a trend-setting orientation for the company and thus for all employees, executives and management and requires constant concretization and implementation with clearly defined but constantly changing, open goals.

The committed cooperation of all those involved in the development and revitalization of the mission statement creates the prerequisites for it to be accepted and identified and to actually be enlivened in everyday company life.


We are a renowned medical laboratory with an extraordinary and extensive range of analyzes, far away from routine analyzes. We stand for examinations and advice at the highest specialist level.

The IGL Labor continues the 10-year tradition of laboratory analysis at the Nordfriesland / Wittbek location, strengthens it’s rural structure in a structurally weaker but expanding environment.

We are recognized nationwide and even worldwide as a special laboratory for environmental medicine and clinical epigenetics.

The competencies of our employees enable us to constantly expand our focus on special analyzes in environmental medicine and epigenetics.

The quality of our analysis allows publication on a scientific level, with numerous international collaborations. In addition to the analysis results, we guarantee a profound medical classification of the results and add database links, for example the NeuroLipid Research Foundation, for other scientists.

Our actions are characterized by the credible and honest implementation of scientific thinking and action. We are service providers for the benefit of diseased people.

    • We help restore and maintain health
    • We use our scientific thinking and experience for this
    • We feel committed to human ethos and medical-scientific art

We constantly provide our customers with information on the latest state of laboratory analysis. We value personal contact and the exchange of experiences. We meet the expectations of our customers through individual service.

We give our customers an insight into the current state of laboratory medicine - with

    • Information in the analysis directory
    • Result interpretations
    • Printed laboratory information
    • Numerous references in the findings
    • Internet presentations
    • training events (also in-house)
    • scientific publications
    • and last but not least, personal contact, which is important to us

We react quickly, comprehensively and in a friendly manner to suggestions, inquiries and requirements from our customers.
With our own innovations, we meet the needs of our customers, whom we consider as partners, very often in advance.

The IGL Laboratory is seen as an innovator, both analytically and methodically as well as from a medical perspective. Continuous training ensures our high quality standards for the future. We shape new topics and set standards. 

    • We follow the scientific progress in analytics and medical diagnostics and research very closely. This means we are constantly at the forefront of developments
    • We recognize and shape trends through our own activities. The commitment and creativity of the employees are just as required and encouraged as the commitment of the management
    • The creative collaboration in working groups also underpins our professional competence. It is also documented through our commitment to quality management and through the exchange of split samples
    • To maintain measures for training and qualification and to promote the high level of competence of all people working in the company

    • Our work is based on mutual respect for each other's personality and competence. Our actions should set an example and serve as a credible role model. We promote initiative and teamwork as a guarantee of success.
    • We promote cooperation and well-being through open, trusting communication and partnership
    • A flat hierarchy of the management structure enables the exchange of opinions and experiences across all levels.
    • Our feelings, thoughts and actions testify to external and internal reliability.
    • We are open to constructive criticism and to equality. We lead in a goal-oriented and motivating manner. We justify our decisions.
    • We strive for an attractive environment for all employees.
    • The mutual success is reflected in our performan-related and gender-neutral remuneration system

We are an independent and autonomous company. Our thoughts and actions secure the economic future of our laboratory, our employees and ultimately their and our families. Numerous collaborations with researchers and universities worldwide support our research and innovation.

A healthy economic basis for our company is a requirement for the continuation of the highest demands and for necessary investments in promising technologies.

With the courage to change, we secure our and new jobs in the long term. Economic thinking and scientific action of every individual, both large and small, support our medical and scientific mission -  day by day.

The IGL Laboratory is a worldwide positinoed reference laboratory that deals with urgent questions of routine, clinical-chemical analysis and assessment of epigenetics as well as with nutritional undesirable developments and their physical effects.

In the heart of the idyllic little village of Wittbek, we built our own large building from spring 2018 onwards, for the service of epigenetics, its routine analysis and research.

The IGL laboratory is a biochemical laboratory that not only analyses the vitamin and mineral balance, toxic metals, toxic metabolites and hormones, but also offers a wide range of special profiles, the assessment of which uniquely represents the effects of the diseases of the 21st century.

We have made it our first task to support physicians in not placing the problems and diseases of their patients on a drug basis alone as the first line of treatment. Since our foundation in 2009, we have developed a deep respect for the wisdom of nature [in the sense of Carl Friedrich von Weizäcker] and for every person who has become a patient because of his or her circumstances - one who suffers differently today than he or she did 50 years ago.

We do everything in our power to use the most modern analytical methods to determine the imbalances in the body of those whose health is not optimal or even morbid in the sense of pathology. Sometimes these imbalances can be resolved by surprisingly simple, often non-drug regimes, with the aim of achieving good health or at least improving the quality of life to such an extent that suffering is reduced.

In addition, we are committed to the analytical exploration of the epigenetic basis, with an "intrinsic" awareness of the importance of seeing the patient's well-being as the most important prerequisite for our daily activities and work. The IGL laboratory has a highly experienced and qualified team that conducts extensive research in this field of medicine, both nationally and internationally.

You are a medical professional and would like a personal contact?

+49 (0) 48 45 - 79 16 40

You can reach us from Monday to Friday - except Wednesday - from 09:00am to 04:00pm

Office hours for telephone analysis of findings:

Tuesdays: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Thursdays: 13:30pm to 15:30pm

Only by appointment!