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Qualified laboratory medicine

In 2009, the medical laboratory in Göppingen was founded as the "Institute for Holistic Laboratory Diagnostics" by Stefan Georgios Moellhausen and Johann Stockbauer.

The move to the north and the heart of North Friesland gave the laboratory the necessary reorientation and enormously highly qualified staff. 
Since its foundation, the IGL laboratory has been continuously expanded technically, right up to the ultra-modern chip technologies with an extremely low use of chemicals and samples in the µ-range.
The constant advances in medical science, the constant changes in health policy and in the economic framework conditions, as well as the increasing demands in the population for quality and service-oriented care, require a continuous development of our corporate strategy and the values and goals associated with it.
IGL Labor sees itself as an innovator, both in terms of analytical methods and medical content. Continuous training ensures our high quality standards for the future. We shape new topics and set standards.

Our mission

As a globally recognised specialist laboratory for environmental medicine and clinical epigenetics, we stand for investigations and advice at the very highest specialist level.

The competences and skills of our staff enable us to constantly expand our focus on special analyses in environmental medicine and epigenetics. We contribute to restoring and maintaining health.

Beyond the analysis results, we guarantee a profound medical classification of the findings and make the knowledge gained available to other scientists with database links, e.g. with the NeuroLipid Research Foundation.

Customer focus

We give our customers insight into the current state of laboratory medicine - with

  • Individual, comprehensive service
  • Personal contact
  • Interpretation of findings/exchange of experiences
  • Information on the latest state of laboratory analytics 
  • Further training events, also in-house
  • Scientific publications
  • Internet presentations
  • Fast processing

Cooperation and well-being of our employees

Our work is based on mutual respect for the personality and competence of others. Our actions should set an example and serve as a credible role model. We promote:

  • Individual initiative and teamwork as guarantors of success.
  • Through open, trusting communication and partnership-based interaction, we promote cooperation and well-being.
  • A flat hierarchy of the management structure enables the exchange of opinions and experiences across all levels.
  • We are open to constructive criticism and to equality.

Future orientation

The IGL laboratory sees itself as an innovator, both in terms of analytical methodology and medical content. Continuous training ensures our high quality standards.

We shape new topics and set standards:

  • We follow scientific progress in analytics and medical diagnostics and research very closely. This keeps us constantly at the forefront of developments.
  • Measures for further training and qualification maintain and promote the high level of competence and motivation of all persons working in the company.
  • We recognise and shape trends through our own activities. The dedication and creativity of our staff are just as important and encouraged as the commitment of our management.
  • The worldwide exchange with researchers and universities supports our goals of our own research and innovative strength.
  • A healthy economic basis for our company is a prerequisite for the continuation of the highest standards and for necessary investments in promising technologies.

"Love for what drives us is the essence of all our striving, our efforts and our duties, for the benefit of health."

Stefan Georgios Moellhausen

You are a medical professional and would like a personal contact?

+49 (0)48 45 - 79 16 40

You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm