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Note: In this section, the generic masculine is used for better readability. Female and other gender identities are explicitly included.

How can you ensure speedy order processing?

With this checklist, we provide you with important points to ensure smooth order processing and prompt receipt of the test results:

  • Clearly label samples: Label each specimen with the patient's full name, date of birth and collection date. Without the date of collection, we cannot ensure that the samples are suitable for the desired test.
    Samples that are not labelled can only be processed with reservations.
  • Fill in the IGL order form in block letters: Complete each section of the IGL order form fully and clearly. Sign the order form in all the spaces provided. If you wish to have the DNA Adducts or the SODase Activity & Gene Examination carried out, please also complete and sign the consent form on the second page of the order form in accordance with the Genetic Diagnostics Act (GenDG). Examinations may be delayed or cancelled due to missing or incomplete information. You can find more information on filling out the order form here.
  • Have your patient sign the order form and, if applicable, the consent form according to the GenDG. In the case of minors, please state the name and date of birth of a legal representative and have them sign the order form. If the required signatures are missing, the sending of the test results may be delayed.
  • Pack the patient's samples in a sample bag and enclose the order form. Pack only one patient's material in a sample bag. Make sure that you have included all the samples needed for the desired tests in sufficient quantity with the order. For more information on sample quantity, click here.
  • Always send the samples on the same day and, when selecting the shipping method, take into account that the samples will arrive at the laboratory within two to three days. You can find more information about shipping your order here.

Required sample quantities:

DNA Adduct 1 x EDTA (4 ml)
Cardiolipin Studies, Oxidative Phosphorylation 1x Serum (8,5 ml)
Mitochondrial Membrane Potential 1x EDTA (4 ml)
Mitochondrial Membrane Translocators (TL) 1x EDTA (4 ml)
CFS – Standard Profile, Total Toxicology, Mitochondria 2x PAXgene® á 10 ml, 1x EDTA (4 ml)
ATP Profile 1x PAXgene® (10 ml) (Link)
Cell-free DNA 1x PAXgene® (10 ml) (Link)
NAD (Vitamine B3), red cells 1x EDTA (4 ml)
GST Profile, Glutathione & -S-Transferase Studies 1x Serum (8,5 ml), 1x EDTA (4 ml)
Metallothionein (cytoplasm proteins) 3x EDTA á 4 ml
SODase Activity & Gene Examination 1x Serum (8,5 ml)
Intracellular Bases Buffer Capacity, pH 1x EDTA (4 ml)
L-Carnitine 1x Serum (8,5 ml)
Fructose Examination 1x Serum (8,5 ml)
NMI – Food Assimilations Intolerances 1x Serum (8,5 ml)
iEC – 12 Standard Substances 3x EDTA á 4 ml
iEC – 24 Standard Substances 3x EDTA á 4 ml
iEC – Individual Substances 3x EDTA á 4 ml
iEC – Grouped Substances 3x EDTA á 4 ml
iEC – Fungal Metabolites & Fungal Species 3x EDTA á 4 ml
NICOS Examination (Dental Toxins) Dental Biopsy in ≥ 90% isopropanol

Filling out the order sheet

Missing or incomplete information on the order sheet can lead to delays or cancellation of the order. Here you can read how to fill in the order form step by step.


Step 1

Enter the patients information: clearly enter the patient's full name and address, date of birth, and gender.


Step 2

Fill in practice data: Enter the practice information and an email address. This is required for communication and for sending the test results (for logging into the customer center).


Step 3

Enter the date of the sample collection and the samples sent in.


Step 4

Select examinations by ticking them off.


Step 5

You and your patient sign the order. For minors, please provide the name and date of birth of a legal representative and have them sign the order form. Please also enter the name of the attending physician here.


Step 6

For DNA Adducts or SODase Activity & Gene Examination, complete the consent form in accordance with the Genetic Diagnostics Act. You and the patient sign the consent form.


Optional: Step 7

Indication of a diagnosis.


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