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Ansprechpartner und Bürozeiten


Katja Lorenzen, Jessica Clausen & Bärbel Ribbeck
+49 (0) 4845 79164-0
+49 (0) 4845 79164-10
Email: info(at)

Commercial area

Anneliese Hecking
CEO IGL Labor International Holding GmbH
E-Mail: hecking(at)

Andreas Lemke
Marketing & Sales
E-Mail: lemke(at)

Janine Bähle
Internal Sales Service / Customer service
E-Mail: baehle(at)

Heike Heber (ppa.)
Accounting & office management
E-Mail: heber(at)

Roswitha Clausen
Sales Assistant

Celine Durke
Sales Assistant

Simone Enderstein
Commercial employee for reporting
E-Mail: report(at)

Jessica Clausen
Reception / Commercial employee for reporting
E-Mail: report(at)




Stefan Georgios Moellhausen
Med. Biochemist,
scientific head "med. research & laboratory"
and executive partner

Dr. rer. nat. Svenja Liebau
Biochemist, laboratory management
E-Mail: liebau(at)

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Norbert Roewer
Medical-scientific consultant

Anja Slotosch
Laboratory Specialist,
Deputy laboratory manager

Yvonne Hoffmann
Laboratory Specialist

Jane Marie Baasner
Laboratory Specialist

Miriam Latsch
Laboratory Specialist

Maren Bullok
Laboratory Specialist

Lea Seehusen
Laboratory Specialist

Bente Brodersen
Laboratory Specialist

Ronja Kawentel
Laboratory Specialist







You can reach us from Monday - Friday from 09:00 am - 04:00 pm at the reception.

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